Far east and Pacific
Marine Refit and New Building

Full service contractor
in marine refitting and New Build projects

Precetti Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and launched in 2016 as the local business unit of Precetti Int. Group, a worldwide leading outfitting contractor for cruise ships, mega-yachts and ferries.

Precetti provides complete turn-key custom solutions (from designing to installation on board) either for new building and refitting projects, using advanced technologies to build and refit public areas, indoor and outdoor restaurants, cabins, suites and wet spaces on board. Precetti offers a service active 24/7 for all the needs including repair and maintenance services, occurring on board of customer ships. Precetti Pte Ltd Singapore has been created on the purpose to meet the needs of ship owners present in the Far-East and Pacific area and develop Precetti’s business in that part of the world.

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Partners at work

PCUBE represents the evolution of a reality with sixty years of experience in the international marine industry. A group that includes three specialized companies and with different features, designed to meet the different needs of the customer providing tailored services of cruise ships, ferries, megayacth, platform off-shore.

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